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Home networking solutions: connect pc | set up pc | share pc | wireless pc

Home networking solutions. connect pc, set up pc, share pc, wireless pc. North London area

Millions of us want to get a new pc connected, surf the Web, play games and download music.

Broadband is the ultimate internet connection to enable you to gain fast and easy access to the INTERNET.

Many home based PC's are still linked to a modem plugged directly into the telephone line. This method of connection is often very slow so upgrading to broadband is essential for faster access to the internet and faster downloads.

Basil will help you upgrade to broadband and set up new
Internet connections from scratch.

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Do you have several computers in your house? If the answer is yes then a pc home network is just what you need.

PC home networking allows you to share files between machines, access a printer in another room and much more. Networks can be wired or wireless. Wireless networking is however easy to manage, and offers additional flexibility by enabling you to use your laptop to go online anywhere in the house or garden without the use of cables! Using a wireless network also enables several users to access the internet at one time - so no more family arguments!

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