Emergency PC Repairs and Computer Support Services in the North London area Basil-Faulty-Computers

Emergency PC Repairs and Computer Support Services
in the North London area

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Basil – Computer Support Services

C Help and Support for Home or Business in Herts Bucks and North London Area Computer maintenance and repair services - Help and Support for Home or Business in the North London area
BASIL offers an IT support service for small and medium businesses, and Home users. We will cover all IT requirements, including Servers, PCs, Laptops and peripherals.

Computer crashed and the screen freezes?
Is your computer crashing or freezing in the middle of your office application? This could be caused by a hardware conflict, or perhaps the software has become corrupted? We have the knowledge to quickly identify the cause of the problem and get you back up-and-running.

NEW PC need to be Installed and Set up
Got a new PC – you thought it just turned on and off you went!!
Not quite – you need a PC set up to suit the way you want it – and get a few useful tips and lessons on what to do – then call BASIL.

Broadband and Wireless Networking
Broadband is the term given to any type of fast INTERNET connection. which provides much faster access to the internet and faster downloads. BASIL can help you upgrade from dial-up to broadband and also set up Internet connections from scratch.

Hardware and Software Installation
Do you want to install a new software programme? Or maybe you just need to upgrade to a later version. Cannot read the manuals – what manuals? If all the manuals are just too complicated give Basil a call and we will help you.

Your Critical Data Recovered
Is your PC or laptop is constantly going wrong, maybe some internal failure- now you need to protect and salvage your important data you must make sure that you get your data backed up.

Virus Removal and Protection
Today viruses and spyware attacks are commonplace and can have disastrous consequences. Often viruses can only be removed with professional help.

We are experienced in identifying viruses and spyware, so we can quickly help remove spyware, repair any damage a virus may have done to your system. We will also ensure that you are protected from future attacks by providing advice on virus protection software. The majority of virus protection software provide automatic updates to safeguard your PC against new viruses and spyware.

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